Monday, January 16, 2012

Back Again

Once upon a time two years ago, I decided to write a blog. I wrote half a dozen posts, then stopped writing. In part, this is because I am a painfully slow writer. The I-have-a-degree-in-English part of me takes over and I turn into a self-editing nightmare. I over-think. The over-thinking is followed by frustration; e.g. I have just spent an entire hour writing three paragraphs, and I don't even have some nifty tutorial to show for it.

And I worried about my little blog not being one of those fancy-schmancy blogs that strangers read and like. I mean, if I was writing a blog, I felt that I should probably become one of those bloggers. You know the ones I'm talking about. The bloggers who somehow manage to present their lives in a way that makes you wish that you were more like them. They have time to make stacks of darling, stylish handmade clothing for their darling, stylish children. These same women are also gourmet cooks, consummate party-planners, and have homes full of their chic DIY projects. Sounds like me, right? Wrong.

The past two years have seen a major shift in my goals and priorities. I am not looking to be perfect. I am looking to be happy.

Welcome to the blog where I write about the crazy hodgepodge of things that are my life.