Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

This year marks the first time I've ever really decorated for Valentine's Day. I have always loved the idea of Valentine's decorations, but we have never really had a good spot to display them until now. Some of those Pinterest projects I've been eyeing finally came to life! The Buster has been pretty excited about all the "sharks" (Buster-speak for heart). Between the framed hearts and the mini-heart garland, we have been talking about sharks a lot.

See the lightbulb? That's what I gave Mr. O this year for Valentine's Day. It turns out that it is a lot harder to hollow out an old light bulb than the internet claims it is. Confession: I made Mr. O do it because I was afraid of shattered glass all over the kitchen floor. He basically made all the hard parts of his own gift and still acted surprised and thrilled with the final result. I love that man.

Our favorite B-horror film posters got a dose of Valentine's Day cheer as well.

We postponed our Valentine's Day dinner until Friday night. Totally worth the wait. Since we no longer live near our favorite pizza place, we made pizza and roasted asparagus for dinner. Definitely not the same as cooked in a wood-burning brick oven, but pretty yummy all the same. I am certain that even if we had gone out for pizza, they wouldn't have cut our pepperoni into hearts.

We finished our meal off with some strawberry cupcakes and then hauled the Buster upstairs to shampoo the frosting out of his hair.

I love Valentine's Day.


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  1. Yay! I decided to check your blog on the slight possibility that it had been updated... and this time it was!!! More than once!! Woo-hoo!!!

    I love your valentine's decor. Mine came from Wal-Mart, so yours looks way classier! (Yes, even the movie posters.)

    Your kids are getting so big and darling! Love you!