Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer at the Library

our library books for the week 

I am a big fan of public libraries.  To me, summertime and the public library belong together.  Just like watermelon or running through the sprinkler, frequent trips to the library are an important part of summer.  Growing up, my mom would take my brothers and me to the library often during our summer break; I remember the feeling of my chin pressed against my towering armful of books, trying to balance them all as we walked out of the cool library into the over-bright parking lot.

Our local library here is small--it's a branch library.  And if it does have an out-dated collection of records (Barbara Streisand circa 1970, anyone?) and too many romance novels, it also has a pretty decent selection of books.  Even though neither The Buster or Miss Meatball are big enough to read to themselves yet, we are all loving the library's summer reading program.  For the program, we're doing lots of simple activities like reading picture books together and learning nursery rhymes.  It's a lot of fun.

Warning:  This is where I climb on my soapbox for a minute.  I have pretty really strong feelings about the importance of childhood literacy, and firmly believe that one of the best things we can do for our kids is to teach them to love books.  Have you heard about emergent literacy? It's important.  Read to your kids!  Take them to the library!

Anyway, we're loving the summer reading program here, especially the library-sponsored activities.  For such a small library, the activities they have really are impressive.  Today's activity had The Buster near hyperventilation out of excitement.  Several large trucks, including a drilling rig, a fire engine, and a tow truck, all parked in the library parking lot and the kids got to see them up close.  We're talking sit-in-the-driver's seat-touch-the-controls close.  The Buster was in heaven.          

The Buster takes the wheel
checking out the drilling rig with its friendly driver
fire engine controls
Anybody else signed up for their summer reading program?  I hope you are, even if your kids can't read to themselves yet.  I'd love to hear what kind of special activities your library hosting this summer!


  1. Oh, Jen, it's so good to hear you talk about books again. I miss our long conversations and group readings of YA lit. Do you know that for all six years of teaching, I had words from our pseudo installation art exhibit entitled "Word" on the wall of my classroom? My students LOVED the definitions of the crazy words like kerfuffle and hurple. Long live books and reading!

  2. you got the Buster to look at the camera! fantastic.

  3. Such a fun idea with the trucks! What kid doesn't LOVE to climb in and on big trucks?! Sheesh, I'm still fascinated with them and I think I'm rather firmly out of the kid stage by now (well... maybe not mentally!)

    The library I work at could still use a little PCL flair in their programming, but they won't let me help because I don't have an MLS.

    But we're reading away, my kids are loving the three reading programs we're working on. Right now Melena is eating up The Secret Garden which makes me ecstatic! It's fun sharing things I love with the kidlettes!