Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to Normal

It hardly seems possible that August is over. Mr. O has started a new semester, piano lessons are back in full swing, and The Buster, Miss Meatball and I are easing into our school year schedule. It’s funny to me—even though my kids are way too tiny young (there’s nothing tiny about The Buster) for school, there is definitely a change to the rhythm of our days as school recommences for everyone who goes to school. With the approach of autumn, my summertime laziness disappears. Maybe it is because I’m an autumn girl—my birthday falls in early October, my favorite time of year. The weather here is still summertime hot, but I’m full of hope for a beautiful fall.

One of the mental challenges I have with writing this blog is that I feel like I should have some kind of “topic,” like it’s a paper that I’m writing and that if posts don’t form a cohesive or consistent theme that maybe I’m going to be docked points on the final or something. But then I remember that the theme of this blog is “what my family and I do that makes us happy/frustrated/crazy.” And also maybe “here’s my family and what they do/how they cope while I’m being happy/frustrated/crazy.” The topic is my life, and I’ve got a lot going on. Some of those goings on are going to be getting more blog-time. As we return to a more consistent schedule for our family, I am excited to dedicate more time to writing, both in this space and for myself.

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